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Sotera & Company Project Portfolios

We're a full service remodeling and Design/Build construction company dedicated to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship. We pride ourselves on the long standing relationships we form with our clients that develop after working closely with each and every one of them. Past projects include a wide range of work from residential home renovations, historical restoration and total home construction. Many of our past projects have won awards from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

View samples from our Portfolio of Award winning work below. Just Click on each image to see our sample galleries of past projects.


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2009 Gold Award: Entire House

Simplicity! This is what our clients requested. They are collectors of art and fine collectables and our mission was to create a space which was unobtrusive and devoid of heavy detail so as not to detract from their offerings. Material choices were contemporary but still graceful in there showing. Sight lines and lighting were of huge importance as pieces were set for display throughout every conceivable spot in the house.



2009 Silver Award: Residential Interior 


This project was for a client we have worked with on multiple occasions. They had an existing sitting room outside their master bedroom and wanted to create a warm space with a library feel where they could display their book collection and snuggle up in solitude to read. Their only other request was that we perform this renovation on a $20,000 budget. The space you will see is the result of our efforts.



2008 Platinum Award: Entire House

This project was created for a young professional couple with school age children and an active life style. The owner who was our main contact worked in Manhattan and traveled abroad frequently. Site meetings were quite infrequent. Through a series of digital pictures, PDF documents and emails, we were able to communicate electronically with a surprisingly high degree of efficiency and understanding.



2008 Platinum Award: Residential Interior

This project was created for clients we have worked with on multiple occasions. They wanted a space for their children to be able to work with arts and crafts, as well as a place for them to find solitude to read and enjoy personal space. What you will see in the following photos has become that and more.



2008 Gold Award: Residential Interior

Our clients presented us with a home built in the early 1900's and asked us to renovate their master quarters. They wanted to try to keep the home's vintage feel and maintain the elegance it once had. Working tightly to the client's specifications, we created the space you see here. Large crown moldings, wainscot panels, and built-in cabinetry were used. An Asian marble bath, was outfitted with a refurbished claw-foot tub and an antique dresser was converted for use as a vanity.





Gallery 1  •  Gallery 2  • Gallery 3